My Favourite Mario Badescu products

I struggle to find skincare that agrees with my skin, I have medium to oily skin, and my eye area can get very sensitive. It’s the one thing I’m constantly looking out for, as I like to try new things and see if certain products work better than others. I recently picked up a Mario Badescu Acne Starter Kit from Urban Outfitters, which contained:

  • Acne Facial Cleanser
  • Special Cucumber Lotion
  • Oil Free Moisturizer
  • Drying Mask
  • Drying Cream

I got on with 3/5 of these products. The Drying Mask and Drying Cream just didn’t work for me, not only did they smell a little off putting – they didn’t help my skin a great deal. I did however get on great with the Acne Facial Cleanser, the bottle has seemed to last ages and I find that it really calms my aggravated skin. After discovering Mario Badescu, I headed over to Beauty Bay to see what other products they had.

Strawberry Face Scrub

I love this product for many reasons, primarily the smell – it’s delicious. The product description on the back of this scrub reads:

“Gently buff away dull skin with the real Strawberry Seeds in our special face scrub. Also formulated with Cornmeal for additional natural exfoliation to break down the buildup of dead skin cells, leaving skin fresh and revived.”

I find it does exactly what it promises, after using the scrub my skin feels incredibly smooth, clean and a lot less lifeless. The exfoliation is ever so gentle, the consistency of the product is very smooth and thin, unlike other exfoliators which are typically very grainy. If my skin needs to be exfoliated a little more, I find that if I use the product with a cleansing pad, it offers a deeper clean.


If I had to make a complaint about the Strawberry Face Scrub, I’d say it doesn’t give guidance on how much product to use, so I don’t know if I’m using too much or if I’m not getting the full benefit from the product. I find this is the same for all of the Mario Badescu products I have used.

I’d highly recommend the product to anyone that has sensitive skin and struggles with face scrubs, and anyone else that loves a good strawberry scent.

Cucumber Cleansing Lotion

This product was featured in the Acne Starter Kit I mentioned earlier. The Cucumber Cleansing Lotion promises to:

“Deep clean oily, troubled skin while removing residual dirt, oil, and makeup with our refreshing Cucumber-infused toner. Specifically formulated with Cucumber Extract, a natural skin softener with cooling and astringent properties that is rich in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to nourish your skin.”

Again, I can’t fault the description of this product either. After cleansing, I swipe this across my face using a cotton pad. It has such a hydrating and refreshing formula, my skin feels more awake and brighter too. I find that with some toners, my skin can be left feeling oily and it can be a little uncomfortable, this product definitely doesn’t have that effect.


Oil Free Moisturizer

This product was also from the Acne Starter Kit. I’m still working on the same bottle, but I can guarantee I’ll be re-purchasing this. The description on the Oil Free Moisturizer reads:

“Moisturize oily, congested, or problem skin without clogging pores. This fast absorbing formulation sinks in quickly to deliver lightweight hydration and broad spectrum sun protection.”

The moisturizer also features a Broad Spectrum SPF17 Sunscreen – which I can’t provide an opinion on as I live in the not so sunny UK. The Oil Free Moisturizer, much like the other products, does exactly what it promises. The thin and lightweight cream soaks in very fast and leaves no oily texture on the top of my skin – which is very important for me personally. When paired with the Cucumber Cleansing Lotion, I find that my skin stays hydrated and feels smoother for longer.


Overall, I’m becoming a really big fan of Mario Badescu products. I find they do exactly what they promise to, and I can’t really complain about much. I wouldn’t want to talk negatively about the products that don’t work for me, as it’s more than likely a combination of my picky personal preference and my skin type.


19 thoughts on “My Favourite Mario Badescu products

    • ruralroses says:

      Thank you for reading! As far as I know, it’s not in many stores in the UK, I’d never seen it in my local drugstores, I’d mainly seen it online. The strawberry scrub is definitely my favourite by far, I absolutely love the smell!

      Amy, x

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