Is Romwe Legit?

For the past couple of months, I’ve been seeing Romwe Facebook Adverts all over my timeline and at first I completely dismissed them. Seeing them more frequently began to grab my attention, but whenever I clicked on the website, it seemed too good to be true! All of their products are so cheap, however, there are no product reviews and very little model photography, so I continued to ignore them. Recently, I’ve been seeing more YouTubers wearing their products, so I finally gave in and bought a couple of things.

I was most worried about the products being poor in quality, or not being the correct size. A lot of their products are ‘One Size Fits All’, and I disbelieve that with products such as bralets. I chose the below products:

I was most nervous about the sizing of the dress. I followed the size guide provided on the product page, I measured myself and the chart said I would best fit a Medium. In UK sizes, I am usually an 8 or a Small.

Delivery & Packaging

Standard shipping to the UK cost £6.99, and as stated on their website, packages are due to arrive within approximately 7-10 business days.

I was very impressed with the delivery, from the date I placed my order, my package arrived exactly 7 days later.

All of my items arrived individually wrapped, 3/4 products were concealed within ziplock bags. There were no issues with regards to packaging, everything arrived safely.


Mustard Ripped Rose Embroidered T-shirt

I don’t think it’s a mustard colour, it’s more of a bright yellow. The t-shirt material is very thin and I found the rose to be poorly embroidered.

There were no size options with this product, as it is a One Size Fits All t-shirt. I find it fits perfectly, if I were to put a size on the product, I’d say it was a Small-Medium or 8-10.

Olive Green Ribbed Knit Racerback Cami Top

My upper body is quite small, so when buying camis I usually purchase a size down. I have no problems at all with this top, it’s comfy to wear, and fits perfectly. The material is a little stretchy, not too tight.

Criss Cross Cami Top

This cami has the same thoughts as above. It’s a simple cami that can by styled with almost anything. It’s a comfy material that has a little stretch in it.

Black Scalloped Hem Keyhole Dress

As feared, the dress is the wrong size. I thought following the size guide would be the best option, however I was wrong. I ordered a size Medium, I usually fit a Small. The dress is also a very different material to what I expected – it is thin and has a silky texture to it.

When wearing the dress, I feel a little uncomfortable. The material isn’t something I’d usually wear.


Yes, Romwe is legit. I’m really happy with 3/4 of the products I purchased. The dress was probably a little my fault, as I know American sizing can be different to UK sizing, so I should have gone with my gut rather than match my size on a guide. I will more than likely be purchasing from Romwe again, the delivery was fast and there were no issues with the products on arrival.

Have you ever ordered from Romwe, if so, what was your experience like?

Please note – any prices listed above are the fees I paid when I placed my order. Prices are subject to change.

36 thoughts on “Is Romwe Legit?

  1. This is Kat. says:

    I’ve always been wary about ordering from Romwe! I’ve seen so many mixed reviews about their products, so I can see it is hit and miss with their items. But maybe still worth trying out!

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  2. SimplyElisse says:

    I wrote a review about Romwe on my blog a couple months back and I had a love/hate relationship with it, my stuff took 3 weeks to come and all I ordered was 2 jackets and 1 t-shirt! They didn’t come in the zip lock bags either!! I’m wearing a shirt on theirs now that was one size fits all and it’s too big but works as oversized. They really didn’t think through the holes in the t-shirt as it’s right over the bra area and the “embroidery” is literally poorly stuck on patches but I do love to hate it! I have other better products from there but they do sizing weird at times and quality certainly varies!

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  3. Lise says:

    I ordered from Romwe a few years ago, I was surprised by how small the “one size fits all” products were at the time. It feels to me like they somehow follow an asian size chart because the fit was the same as clothes I have purchased from Japan. Loving your haul though! x

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  4. iiwozereblog says:

    I’ve never heard of it before. Sounds like their advertising campaign worked a treat on you 🙂 Thanks for the insight, will keep my eyes peeled.
    Although, one size fits all……….I would never squeeze into an 8. That statement always makes me wonder!
    Glad you like them though

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  5. fromclairespov says:

    I have never tried shopping from websites like this, Shein and Zaful as I’m very cautious of the sizing. I’m normally a UK 14/16, but sometimes fit in UK 12, and when it comes to trousers my waist is a 14 and my thighs 16… so I can never really stick to one size. But when I eventually lose some weight I will definitely do a shopping spree from there 🙂

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    • ruralroses says:

      I’ve only recently seen Shein and Zaful from Facebook Ads, I assume they’re very similar to Romwe. My waist varies in sizes too, which is why I rarely order jeans/shorts online. Thank you for reading lovely! 💕

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  6. zaramcintosh says:

    I’m so interested in Romwe, I’ve always believed that everything would arrive completely different to the pictures and be ‘too good to be true’. It’s so good to see a review from a trustworthy blogger, I may end up picking up some t-shirts as I’m not bothered if they are a little in the big side,
    Zara xx

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  7. Kayleigh Zara says:

    It’s great that you enjoyed most of the products, I can totally understand how difficult it can be with American sizes too as I’ve often got the wrong size haha. I love the yellow Tshirt it’s so pretty x

    Kayleigh Zara 🌿

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  8. The Emma Edit says:

    I always see their adverts everywhere! I almost placed an order one day but changed my mind last minute. As you said the materials are thin, I’m glad I stayed away. It was interesting to read about their clothing! 🙂

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