Naked Heat: An Honest Review

If you’ve read my Leeds Haul post, you’ll know I finally picked up the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette. Now you’ve probably seen hundreds of reviews on this already, but another won’t hurt, right?

I picked this stunning palette up from Debenhams for ยฃ39.50. The Naked palettes are expensive considering the quantity of product, but the quality of them never fails to impress. I’m a huge fan of red and orange hues, so this palette appealed to me right from the beginning.

Now before I get into colours, pigmentation and all that good stuff, can I just say holy packaging! The design team over at UD have got this spot on, it couldn’t look better. The design replicates a match box, you slide the inner casing out to reveal the palette, and underneath the product lies burnt matches. This pleases me a lot, I don’t want to throw it away!


Colour Choice

The palette contains 12 stunning shades, 8 matte and 4 shimmer. There’s a clear theme with this palette, so you can’t expect wild colours that no way associate with heat. There is enough colour choice to create plenty of different eye looks. I’ve heard a few people criticize this palette as the shades are too similar, I have to disagree. When applied onto the skin, you can clearly tell the difference between shades.



I’ve found that some shades are more pigmented than others. I can’t fault the shimmers, as you can see from the swatches below, there’s no problem with pigmentation there. However, the colour pay off of some of the matte shades isn’t the best.


Ease of Use

Like the other Naked palettes, it came with a dual ended brush. I actually enjoy using the brushes that come within the Naked palettes, in fact, I use the Naked Smokey brush daily. However, I just can’t get along with this one, it’s very stiff and I find it very difficult to use.

Aside from the brush, the colours are very easy to blend. They’re buildable and I’ve found that there isn’t a great deal of fallout, overall, very easy to work with.

I adore this palette, the colours are right up my street, especially the shimmers (I still can’t get over how pigmented these are!). It’s understandable that people can be put off by the price of these, which is why I’m not going to repurchase this. For all I love the palette, I don’t think it would be worth repurchasing, as I’m sure there will be another palette everyone is raving about soon.

Will you be buying this palette? If you already have it, what do you think to it?

23 thoughts on “Naked Heat: An Honest Review

  1. J | Beauty's Expert Amateur says:

    I absolutely adore the shades in this – they just work wonderfully with each other and I don’t think there is one that I don’t love. Definitely a great choice for warm toned gals, but like you said, a little on the pricey side. A girl can dream though ๐Ÿ˜€ x

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