Moonlight Melts Review

I understand this is a little off topic from what I’m usually writing about, but I wanted to share my experience with Moonlight Melts, a small handmade wax melts business.

I remember discovering Moonlight Melts from another blogger (I’m really sorry I can’t credit you, I can’t for the life of me remember where I read the post!), the scents she chose sounded so interesting – I had to try some for myself.


I found Moonlight Melts to be incredibly affordable, they handmake a huge selection of melts, also offering burners, burner plates and candle snuffers. The burners are simple, but that’s right up my street, I picked up:

  • A Black Leaf Burner (£5.50)
  • Candy Comfort Wax Melts (£1.80)
  • Black Kiss Wax Melts (£1.80)
  • Unicorn Fluff Wax Melts (£1.85)

Before placing my order, I had a couple of questions to ask about various products and the delivery of my order. I directly messaged Moonlight Melts on Twitter and I was so impressed by the customer service. The responses were quick and I was so pleased with how helpful they were!

Unfortunately, I don’t have any images of the packaged products, but I can assure that my order was safely delivered in bubble wrap and tissue paper.

Black Leaf Burner (£5.50)

I adore the design of the burner, a simple leaf design appears on the front while the hole for the tea light appears at the rear. The burner arrived with very minor damages, there are several small chips, but these are barely noticeable and don’t effect the operation or appearance of the burner.


Candy Comfort Wax Melts (£1.80)

“It’s fruity, it’s bubbly, just berry yourself in comfort.”

All of the wax melts I purchased smell absolutely divine, but Candy Comfort is by far my favourite! The scent very much reminds me of the smell that hits you when you first walk into a sweet shop!


Black Kiss Wax Melts (£1.80)

“A seductive blend of black raspberry, burgundy rose & vanilla bean.”

This scent isn’t too overpowering, it’s mild but still has such a delightful smell. In my opinion, the vanilla comes off strongest in this combination.


Unicorn Fluff (£1.85)

“Enchanted forest berries mingle with magical amber, rainbow peppercorns and floral charms.”

I can’t quite put my finger on what this scent reminds me of, but it’s truly magical. With a delicate sprinkling of silver glitter, Unicorn Fluff doesn’t just smell amazing, but looks it too!


Overall, I was so over the moon with my experience. I will definitely be shopping with Moonlight Melts again. I’m so tempted to try their autumnal range, featuring scents such as Cinnamon Spice, Caramel Apple and Autumn Leaves – sounds like heaven!

Have you ever shopped with Moonlight Melts?


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