Vintage Weigh & Pay Event

If you’re a lover of vintage clothes and bargain prices, this post is going to be right up your street. Last weekend I attended the Vintage Weigh & Pay event in Hull. This is my first Weigh & Pay event I’ve been to, so it was all new to me.

If you’ve never heard of Vintage Weigh & Pay, they source thousands of high quality vintage pieces from wholesalers, and sells them at trade price. You enter the event and are given a plastic bag, you fill your bag full of vintage goodies and pay £15 for every kilo of clothes you buy – simple (and a damn good deal)!


They had such a wide variety of pieces, from flannel shirts to college sweaters, 60s dresses to leather pants and old Converse to colourful headscarves. It was so lovely to see them catering for all ages, there were children picking up old t-shirts and the older generation taking home bags full of dresses.

I’m so pleased with my little haul. I picked up two patterned shirts, a corduroy shirt, a flannel shirt, two pairs of Converse and also a cute pair of sunglasses! Excluding the glasses, my haul cost me just less than £40. The sunglasses are sold separately for £6 each or 2 pairs for £10.

My other half was pretty proud of his purchase, he bagged this Pittsburgh Penguins sweater for roughly £7. Pittsburgh Penguins are his favourite hockey team, and he got a lil’ giddy when he found this hanging on the rack.


Vintage Weigh & Pay travels up and down the UK, you can check their Facebook page or click here to see if they’ll be visiting a venue near you.


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