Tinkalink Review

Last week, I was lucky enough to attend London Fashion Week Festival through my career. A lot of the retailers at the event were high-end brands, so I couldn’t go mad with buying things, however I didn’t want to leave empty handed. I came across this little stall selling phone cases, and they grabbed my attention straight away.

Tinkalink are a phone case brand that allow you to protect and decorate your mobile device. The brand allows you to make a phone case unique and meaningful, while protecting your phone from damage. You pick a case, a skin and add some charms –  simple!

I chose a black case and the Midnight Sky skin purely because I enjoy a monochrome theme. Black goes with everything, and I’m not a fan of wild coloured phone cases.

Most charms come in gold, silver and black and each represent something meaningful. I chose the skull and moon in silver, which stand for ‘Death to us part’ and ‘Watch me rise’.

The assembly of the phone case was really simple, the packaging of both the protective case and the skin came with easy-to-follow instructions.

I have very poor coordination, so when applying stickers or screen protectors, it often takes a lot of stress and multiple attempts. When applying the skin, one of the things I loved was the skin peeled back really easily and left no sticky residue, so if it looked wonky, there was no problem at all starting over again.

The next step is to simply snap on the protective case. Mine took a little added pressure to snap into place, but this is understandable as the case fits tight to the phone offering as much protection as possible.

There are two options when it comes to placing your charms in the case, you can either have them loose floating around, or have them stuck to the skin. I opted for having both mine floating around the case. Once your charms are in, you slide the plastic screen into the case and you’re done!

It was a lot more expensive than what I’d usually pay for a phone case, but I didn’t mind as I was able to make my case unique while adding the protection I need from my clumsy hands! For the case, skin & 2 charms, I payed £30 – this was at a discounted price also.

If you’d like to buy a Tinkalink phone case or browse their products, you can do so at https://tinkalink.com/.

What’s your favourite phone case?

In no way is this sponsored by Tinkalink, I just really like my new phone case!


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